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This course provides a great opportunity to master Physics from the comfort of your home. It is designed for students who are planning to do AP Physics, and in particular AP Physics 1. Its content is also an ideal for those studying towards most Advanced High School and 1st-year University Physics programs, for example, A Level Physics and Physics 101 university courses. The course curriculum covers Vectors, Vector Algebra. Forces and Dynamics. Examples are taken from common AP Physics 1 Review texts. The approach used is to identify and lay out the key concepts then thoroughly explain them before applying the material covered to typical examination problems.

The Topics covered in this course are:

  1. Definitions and Examples of Vectors and Scalars

  2. Vector Addition

  3. Manipulating Vectors

  4. Resolving Vectors

  5. Working with Coordinate Axis

  6. Nature of Forces

  7. Newton’s Three Laws

  8. Friction as a Force

  9. Applications of Newton’s Laws to:

    • AP Physics tension problems

    • AP Physics pulley problems

    • AP Physics problems that involve bodies on inclined planes

    • AP Physics problems that involve connected bodies

Where possible the examples used come from past AP Physics examinations.

This course is ideal for the following students:

  • Students who need to “polish up” their understanding of Vector and Dynamics concepts in preparation for AP Physics 1 or A Level examinations.

  • Students who feel they are generally competent in AP Physics topics but need to achieve a higher level of mastery in Vectors and Dynamics.

This course provides a great foundation for aspects of AP Physics C (Mechanics, Newtonian Mechanics and Newton’s Laws of Motion).

Expected Outcomes

  1. AP Physics 1 Vectors
  2. AP Physics 1 Newton’s Laws
  3. AP Physics 1 Forces
  4. AP Physics 1 Dynamics