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Woah, another SQL course? Yes! Here’s why this one is different.

  1. We write 100% of the code together and I explain everything precisely and with abundant context. I have over a decade of industry experience over have taught this at the university level.

  2. 100% we do is application based. I rarely use toy data to illustrate points, unless it’s more illustrative. Hopefully you’ll learn much more than SQL throughout the course.

  3. ZERO SET-UP. As long as you have a Google Account, you can login to BigQuery and get started immediately. No headaches configuring databases locally. You’ll be up and running in under 3 minutes.

  4. Spaced repetition to develop mastery. This is NOT a table of contents course. This is NOT a list of disparate exercises. Everything is connected. Concepts are revisited throughout the course so you can see them from different angles and maximize understanding.

  5. Can you solve it? I provide tons of mini-challenges throughout the lecture material. The lecture material is basically us solving the problems. No time wasted on theory without context.

  6. I’m not boring. I am human. I do make mistakes. I dwell on them so you can master the debugging process. Debugging is much more important than writing code.

Expected Outcomes

  1. SQL 101: The basics (SELECT, WHERE, HAVING, JOIN’s, dealing with dates and timestamps)
  2. SQL 202: Date Handling, CASE statements, Common Table Expressions, Subqueries, Correlated Subqueries
  3. Develop clear models of translating business requirements to SQL
  4. Master Window / Analytic Functions, which are the power tools of modern data-science SQL
  5. 100% of videos are code along and provide numerous points to stop and “solve it” before me.