APTIS Grammar&Vocabulary | 10 Practice Level Tests & More

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Course Description

Are you planning on taking the APTIS General test? Any other English Level Test based on multiple choice questions? This course will provide you with 10 practice tests, grammar explanations on video, extra practice, YouTube Live Video Lessons, and more! Find here everything you need to prepare for APTIS Grammar and Vocabulary or any other English Level Test you many need to take. It's specially designed to follow the exact same format of the 50 questions in the APTIS Grammar and Vocabulary part. With this course, you will make sure you get all the explanations and practise you need to review all the grammar required in these tests so that you can get the best results.

Do you need to review key grammar points to get fluency going and sound more natural and confident?

You'll find here 10 practice tests to review key grammar points explained in 10 video lessons, as well as additional online interactive exercises, where you will be able to check your understanding of the grammar explained. Would you like to make questions? You will find downloadable written explanations, and you will be able to join YouTube Live Video Classes where you will be able to make all the questions and clear up all doubts.

APTIS General is a multi-level test by the British Council which will allow you to certify your English before public and private institutions, recruitment agencies, and universities. It's only ONE test which will result in one of these 5 English Level Certificates: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C. By preparing for this test, you can make sure you will get the English Level Certification you aspire to.

The Grammar&Vocabulary APTIS part is very similar to very many other English Level Tests in the market, frequently used by universities and recruitment agencies. This course will provide you with practice, and grammar material and explanations to get the best results in both, or either of them. Not only will you find 10 mock tests to practise, but all the support a committed teacher can provide: Video grammar explanations, additional exercises on that grammar, downloadable explanations, and online Live Video Classes to check all your doubts.

Hope to see you soon, all the best!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Find here 10 practice tests to get ready for General APTIS Grammar & Vocabulary. And there's more! You will find key grammar explanations on 10 video lessons, additional exercises to check that grammar, everything you need to know, from the most basic to advance grammar points, to help you feel confident and ready to take the test. What if you have more doubts and questions? You can join me in YouTube Live video classes where you will be able to clear up all your doubts.
  2. This course is specially designed following the 50 questions in the General APTIS Grammar&Vocabulary structure, but can be used successfully to get ready for any other English Level Test based on multiple choice questions, and vocabulary dropdown choices, as the ones frequently used by companies, recruitment agencies, and European Universities.
  3. These 10 tests together with the Grammar Explanations on the video Lessons, the extra practice, and participating in the YouTube Live Classes will give you everything you need to brush up your grammar, and get the fluency and confidence you need to make a difference in your life and career.
  4. General APTIS multilevel Grammar&Vocabulary test follows a very similar format to most English Level Tests used by different private and public institutions, recruitment agencies, and companies. The 10 practice tests contain 25 multiple choice questions to assess English Grammar Level, and 25 dropdown menu questions to assess English Vocabulary Level. This format is the format most frequently used in English level tests. This course will cover all grammar, from basic concepts all the way up to advanced ones to help you get your best results at your English Level Test!