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Course Description

Hello and welcome!

This Arabic course is a FREE SAMPLE from my full and comprehensive Arabic course. It is a SMALL INTRODUCTION to help you start learning the Arabic language and check my teaching method.

When giving a review and rating, please keep in mind that this is just a FREE sample. It is not a full course.

For a Full and comprehensive course that teaches you EVERYTHING about READING, WRITING and SPEAKING, please check my comprehensive Arabic course called:

Title: Arabic Language: The most comprehensive Arabic course 2021

Subtitle: Master Reading, Writing and Speaking Arabic| Eliminate your Arabic accent by an Arabic teacher (20+ years experience)

This Free sample Arabic course will help you start:

  • Speaking Arabic with Arabic speakers from around the world

  • Reading Arabic letters with short vowels

You will also learn tips on how to learn Arabic correctly and quickly


I am publishing this Free mini course sample of my full and comprehensive Arabic course to give you the opportunity to tell me:

  • What you would like to learn so I include it in the upcoming updated version of this sample Arabic course

  • What you would like me to change in order to make the upcoming Arabic course fit your expectations and needs

  • What you would like me to add in order to make the upcoming updated version of this Arabic course help you learn Arabic easily and as quickly as possible for you

  • All your suggestions in order to make a great Arabic course that helps you learn the Arabic language easily and as quickly as possible for you

  • If using word color coding helps you memorize and learn Arabic easily and as quickly as possible for you

  • If I repeat the Arabic words enough for you to hear them well and remember them

  • If the pace of this Arabic course is right for you: Am I going too fast or too slow for you?


Instead of making the comprehensive Arabic course teach you what I think is great for you, you have the opportunity to tell me what is great for you and what you would like to learn.

Please make the upcoming comprehensive Arabic course with me

  • The way you want it to be


  • Leaving your feedback in the comments section.

    Please take time to write a comment not just rate the course. Rating the course does not tell me what you liked, what you did not like and you would like to learn.

I am have been teaching the Arabic language for 20+ years but I am always open to learning from "you", my students, and getting to know you and your needs and goals regarding learning Arabic.

Thank you very much: Shukran jazeelan



  • This Arabic course contains only 2 hours of video content. It is not a full course.

I am working on a full version of this free course that will contain more than 10 hours. I will let you know here once I finish the course.

  • If you like my teaching method and would like to learn more Arabic, please check my comprehensive full courses I have already published. One contains 7 hours and the other one contains 11 hours of video content in addition to articles.

With the full comprehensive courses, you will be able to:

  • Ask me questions directly through Udemy as if you have a private tutor

  • Receive 4 educational emails per month that will teach you more Arabic and teach you about the Arabic and Islamic cultures


Sign up and join the thousands of students I have helped speak Arabic fluently! If they can do it, why not you.

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