Art of Simplicity: Financial Strategies for Liberated Living

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Course Description

In our quest for “more", we have allowed the material world to rob us of optimal life quality. At a time when we could be thriving, our modern way of life has become more complex then ever, ushering with it unprecedented levels of stress, disconnection, and dissatisfaction. Fortunately, we can choose another path, one that is enriching in all the ways that matter for our health, happiness, and wellbeing and planetary sustainability—the path of simplicity.

Learn how to have more with less and optimize the quality of your life with this course.

  • Gain essential information and practical guidelines for how to make your life easier and more advantageous to your wellbeing.
  • Learn how to save money and how to be more effective with your money.
  • Learn how to restructure your lifestyle to reflect the art of simplicity.
  • Discover the numerous benefits of simplicity for your health, finances, and more!

The Art of Simplicity course was created to help you thrive in our modern times by knowing that you have a choice with respect to how you create your life. Whether you are looking for some savvy financial tips or wish to implement a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, this course will inspire, empower, and enable you to start applying effective habits to positively transform your life today.

You will learn how to optimize key areas of your lifestyle, including:

  • home and living costs
  • food and drink costs
  • personal care and entertainment costs

By applying the art of simplicity you will gain more freedom and control over your life.

The course will provide you with 6 hours of content, divided across 23 topic-specific lectures. The lectures feature visual and written resources within a foundation of informative, practical and empowering content. Lectures engage students to apply what they are learning via practical worksheets and enriching resources.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand what the art of simplicity entails and how to apply it in everyday life.
  2. Understand how downsizing leads to numerous health and financial benefits.
  3. Free up more time in your life to invest in high-quality living.
  4. Become a resourceful shopper.
  5. Identify common money leak areas and how to reduce them.
  6. Optimize and simplify common habits related to your lifestyle.
  7. Optimize and simplify personal care and clothing habits.
  8. Optimize and simplify food and eating habits.
  9. Optimize and simplify bills and utilities related to your lifestyle.
  10. Release aspects of your lifestyle that are not conducive to your wellbeing.
  11. Optimize your environment by cleaning and de-cluttering it.
  12. Live with a higher degree of efficiency in everyday life.
  13. Identify and cultivate your passions for greater life fulfillment.
  14. Define your priorities and align your lifestyle to them.
  15. Apply the art of simplicity for personal and planetary health.
  16. Become more financially and environmentally responsible.
  17. Integrate an element of deeper meaning and purpose to one's life.