Astrology for Newbies: The Planets

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Course Description

Astrology is the oldest science on the planet. This ancient practice of divination and omen interpretation, studied and integrated by dynasties and sages in India, China, the Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Empires has morphed into the modern age's most profound and specific form of counseling and personal coaching.

In this course, you learn the fundamentals of the astrological language, with a focus on the meaning of each Planet. You will learn how the Planets are the "teachers" in astrology, instructing us in the "lessons" of the Houses and through the methods of the Signs.

Planets also act as "characters" in our soul: a force that compels us to act in a certain way. For each planet you will learn its core astrological meaning through learning its correspondences in terms of Tarot, Chakras, Archetypes and Gods. You will learn Indian Mantras for each planet as well as Affirmations. You will also learn what Sign each planet rules, and the signs that benefit or challenge each planet, called Essential Dignity. A key aspect of this course is learning how to "read" a Planet in a House, in a Sign, and in Aspect/Relationship to other planets.

This course is designed for different kinds of learners as well: You will be shown a portrait of the planet with images and Keyword associations. You will learn how a planet speaks its purpose through its Poetic Voice.

Besides the standard planets, you will also learn about Chiron and the Lunar Nodes—essential elements of any complete chart interpretation.

By the end of the course, you will leave with a solid foundation and confident ability to read one of Astrology's most fundamental components

Expected Outcomes

  1. Discover how the different needs and desires in your soul are represented by the Planets
  2. Learn to interpret Astrology beyond your Sun Sign
  3. You will learn the Keywords and Evolutionary Urges for each Planet
  4. Poetry in the voice of each Planet
  5. A visual image to meditate on with significant keywords for the Planet
  6. Indian Mantras and Affirmations for each Planet
  7. The Planet's Sign of Affinity, Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment, Fall
  8. Meaning of each Planet's Symbol
  9. The Duration a Planet is in both a Sign and House
  10. The Cycle around the Sun for each Planet
  11. Archetypes and Gods associated with each Planet
  12. Tarot and Chakra Associations
  13. How to Interpret a Planet in a House, a Sign, and in Aspect to other Planets