AtaanaMethod Energy Healer Training: Part 2

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Course Description

The Ataana Healing Method is an advanced form of energy work that is one of the most effective healing methods. It is streamlined to support transformation and self-empowerment (calling all of your power back to yourself). And to clear yourself from unhealthy attachments and drain energies to fortify your healthy progress and Life Force

By taking this course you will go into alignment with the powerful energy healing system that supports you in your self-healing and allows you to support others in their spiritual development.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Energy Work as a profession
  2. Doing Energy Work on oneself and others
  3. Working with Energies
  4. Building confidence to be an Energy Worker
  5. Knowledge about bio Energy Systems
  6. Heightening intuition and psychic awarenes
  7. Feng Shui and sacred space
  8. Chakra education
  9. Mantras, affirmations, proclamations and the power of the mind
  10. Sound and Crystal integration
  11. Expand your creative and extrasensory abilities
  12. Transform undesirable habits of thoughts and actions
  13. Reinventing the Self and life you live in