Awaken your Spiritual Power & Manifest your Spiritual Gifts

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Course Description

In this course you will be taken on a journey to awakening your Spiritual Power and Manifesting your Spiritual Gifts.

This course begins with taking on a journey of empowerment where you will learn about how to MASTER your Spiritual journey and all the tests, challenges and experiences we go through as Lightworkers and how to OVERCOME them so that you can accelerate your path of healing, Soul mastery and manifestation of your purpose.

You will learn how to overcome darkness, low energies and low vibrations, how to overcome negative situations and challenges, a simple and powerful 6 step process that you can use over and over again to process and heal from negative/challenging experiences, how to master Spiritual initiations, what they look like and what they mean, how to overcome power plays and power tests and what it means to embody your Divine Feminine power.

It is important to understand these IMPORTANT lessons and Soul wisdom teachings so that you can overcome any energy depletion, adversity or imbalances in your life so that you can get set with aligning to your highest path and manifesting your Divine purpose!

After this we move onto the Manifest your Spiritual Gifts training where you will learn the 3 important stages of manifesting your Spiritual gifts, the tests and challenges that come from stepping into your Spiritual purpose, how to deepen your connection to spirit and how to balance your feminine energy in the process of manifestation. You are supported to get clear with your gifts, passion and purpose and receive a Open your channel exercise and meditation to connect to your Higher Self and anchor your Spiritual energies into your body and physical plane.

For this course you will be taught by Melissa Habibi, a Soul Healer + Spiritual Purpose Coach with 10+ years experience who has worked with and supported many clients on their Soul's healing and enlightenment journey.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to overcome darkness, low energies and low vibrations
  2. How to handle negative situations and challenges in your life
  3. How to know when you are in a Spiritual Test / Initiation
  4. How to master a Spiritual Test / Initiation
  5. How to overcome Power plays, Power tests and Abuse of Power
  6. Practices for embodying the Divine Feminine
  7. How to become a Priestess and embrace your Divine Feminine purpose
  8. Deepen your connection to your Soul, Higher Self & the Universe
  9. Strengthen your Intuition, Inner knowing and ability to receive Higher Guidance
  10. Awaken your Spiritual gifts and have the CONFIDENCE to express them
  11. Align your Soul’s path with the Universe so that you manifest
  12. Become a powerful messenger for Spirit/Universe
  13. Be connected to Divine Timing and know when to pursue something / and when not to!
  14. Learn the steps of how to Manifest your Spiritual gifts!