Awakened Psychic Mediumship

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Course Description

Do you want to fulfil your potential as a Psychic Medium? Do you want to use your gifts and your skills to heal others and guide your own life? This course will help you become a more authentic Psychic Medium and a more authentic person.

My life has greatly changed since I started working closely with Spirit. This path has been an important part of my awakening, to the sense of myself blending with the world of spirit and all that is. This is the filter through which I have gathered the information and targeted the guidance for the teachings in this course.

Every reading I give, with clear evidence and a heart connection, feeds my soul. With the knowledge that we are spiritual beings in a human form, we need to support each other. As a result Psychic Mediumship is my mission, my purpose. And this course is about helping you fulfil your purpose and for you to grow as a Channel of divine light as a Psychic Medium. I've included the essential concepts of mediumship, from many years of Mediumship training and my own development.

At whatever stage you are in your development you will find something in this course to move you forward and to inspire you.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn about sitting and staying in the Power
  2. Learn to Structure a reading
  3. Learn to be an authentic Medium