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Course Description

Initiate a habit of choosing thoughts and ideas that support feeling good and powerful and that elevate you to a higher level of consciousness.” Wayne Dyer

“Nobody likes to let go of the ego – it is so precious to everyone. However, once you have attained a state of egolessness, the world won’t disappear, as you may think it will. The world will continue, but a change take place within you. Something is uncovered. You start seeing everything with the wonder and innocence of a child.” Mata Amritanandamayi

Thank you very much for your interest in this course, which is the first in a series of courses leading you as the student away from your Ego and back to your Higher Self.

My own growth as a facilitator has taken me from doing therapy to emotional intelligence and eventually to spiritual awakening. I have a Ph.D. This course is coming from a book I co-authored with my mentor, Dr Heinrich Kleinschmidt, during 2011. The name of the book is “Spirals and Sunglasses. Self Realization gives us wings!” I came to the spiritual path when I experienced a setback to my health and started to ask “why” and “how”. This often happens to many people, leading them to search for deeper answers and maybe even their life purpose. Coming to spiritual awakening and letting go of the Ego, can also result from peak experiences like the birth of a child or sad ones like a divorce.

In this first course, I will raise your awareness/consciousness to be able to identify the role of the Ego in your life. Although this course is a spiritual one, I also see it as a course in self-transformation and self-realization. I will often ask the student "Is this who you are? Is this who you want to be?"

What is the main purpose of this course and the ones that will follow? What do I really want for my students? I thought long and hard about this and came to the conclusion that I really want my students to reach self-realization. This is what I mean with that:

1. Self-acceptance and self-love as far as possible in all aspects of who you are.

2. To start believing in your innocense and your perfection.

3. To be able to let go of who you think you should be and to embrace who you are.

4. To heal your misconceptions about yourself, others and the world.

in order for us to reach self-realization, we need to recognise that there are two "forces" at work in us. The Ego is the one force which is often the strongest and the most influencial. The Higher Self is not really a "force" as it will never be as demanding as the Ego, but it may be very strong and powerful once you listen to that more often...

The Ego is the part of you that is most "human", whereas your Higher Self is your Soul/Spirit or the God part in you. We aim to integrate the two. While we are still living as humans on earth we need the Ego to keep us safe, but living the whole time in your Ego will keep you in your comfort zone. You will never have new experiences that will lead you to grow, as you will be too afraid.

While you are still living from your Ego, you may experience a constant feeling of incompleteness. You will compare yourself to others and always feel that you are not quite good enough. You will strive for recognition and appreciation, feeling restless and disappointed in life. You may feel like a victim and blame others for your circumstances. These feelings may have a negative impact on your personal and professional life.

Listening to your Soul/Higher Self will enable you to let go of the needs of the Ego. You will realize that you are perfect just the way you are and that there is no need for the constant striving for admiration, power, material belongings and money. You may then experience happiness and peace as you have never seen before.

This is a liberating course, which will free you from old habits and beliefs. The new skills that you will learn will enable you to be happy and fulfilled. You will be able to let go of insane comparison and competition, feeling that you have find yourself and that you are very satisfied and proud of who you really are.

The course that will follow this first one will each teach students about identifying various habits in their lives relating to the Ego. I will look at habits of resisting, judging, fearing, etc. and how that have an impact on your life. Having done both courses, students will be able to hear their Higher Self more clearly and they will recognise when the Ego wants to make a comeback! Living from your Higher Self will lead you to new levels of joy, harmony, happiness, passion, peace and self-fulfilment in your personal and professional life.

Expected Outcomes

  1. After taking this course, students will be able to * distinguish between the characteristics of Higher Self and the Ego. *They will be able to recognise the voice/presence of the Ego in their lives. * They will be able to become aware of the Higher Self in themselves and to recognise in which stage of development their Higher Self is. * They will start to connect with their Higher Self more often using the methods that I will teach them. This will result in them being calmer and more content. * Students will improve their awareness of their physical senses, their emotions and their thoughts.