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Do you want to remove burden of managing server from your shoulder.

Tired of staring and stopping machine instance based on traffic.

With different application traffic will be different, and new strategy of scaling and managing server need to be employed.

So, Do you want some solution who can take care of every thing like servers, scaling, Low billing cost?

Amazon Provides compute services AWS LAMBDA, who take  everything for you.

I have designed this course (AWS Lambda with Serverless Framwork + 3 Practical Use cases) to teach about AWS Lambda and in-depth understanding about Lambda deployment with 3 Read Practical case study.


What is AWS Lambda & Serverless.

AWS Lambda is serverless (No Need to manage Server) Technology to deploy your business use cases.

Serverless is Framework to start deploying on AWS Lambda with Minimum efforts.

In this course I am going to teach you 2 important thing,

  • AWS Lambda Deployment

  • Serverless Framework


Course Outline :

  1. Course Overview : In this section get overview about course,  AWS Lambda overview & deploying first Lambda virtual Function.

  2. Download all course material in this section.

  3. AWS Lambda & Serverless Framework : In this section we will get started with serverless framework to deploy lambda function directly from serverless CLI.

    Next There is 3 Real world case study to deploy Lambda Function.

  4. Case Study – 1 : Develop Lambda function to recognize text from Image uploaded on S3 with Amazon Rekognition API and complete deployment with serverless CLI.

  5. Case Study – 2  : Develop Lambda function to find Sentiment from text data inserted in DynamoDB stream with Amazon Comprehand API.

  6. Case Study – 3 : In this section we will develop HTTP get services along with Lambda function (serverless  + Amazon API Gateway)

By Learning AWS lambda skill, take control in your career and upgrad your career to the next level.


This course Has following stuff :

  • Certificate of completion after finish 100%

  • Q& A discussion forum.

So What are you waiting for, enroll Now & Lift your resume.

Happy Learning


Ankit Mistry

Expected Outcomes

  1. Deploy Lambda function from Console
  2. Master heart of serverless yml file
  3. Learn How to Deploy Virtual Function with Serverless Framework
  4. Deploy 3 Real case study for AWS lambda function deployment
  5. Deploy function which can recognize Text with Amazon Rekognition API + Amazon S3
  6. Deploy function to find sentiment in product reviews with Comprehand API (DynamoDB)
  7. Develop and Deploy web services with (Lambda + API Gateway)