B2B Online Sales - Basic Skills for Success

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Course Description

The purpose of my course is to teach you the skills necessary to start selling your products or services online or to expand your knowledge integrating my methodology.

Throughout the course I will give you all the knowledge I have accumulated in dealing with online sales in my 10 years as and Export Manager for different Italian companies.

I will be giving you insights into how my methodology works and what I believe brings results and what does not.

I will not be supplying a magic formula on how to get sales automatically, but just indicate what your approach should be when talking to possible new clients, and the difficulties that you can incur in during your interactions.

Hopefully this course will inspire you to approach the market in a new and positive manner and get the sales results that you search for.

Expected Outcomes

  1. After taking this course, the students will be able to quickly apply the techniques and methodology I suggest in their day to day work in international sales.