Baby Sign Language: A must know for parents!

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Course Description

Teach your baby how to communicate without screams, cries or even tantrums.

Baby Sign Language is the use of hand gestures to communicate feelings, thoughts, wants or needs.

Baby Sign Language helps hearing parents with hearing children under 3 years old with preventing tensions and misunderstandings.

Parents and babies can create a new relationship based on a "Sign - Response" dynamic rather than a "Cry - Response" dynamic. Baby Sign Langauge provides a communication tool filling up the gap between what children need and the ability to express it.

This is particularly true with toddlers who most times struggle to make themselves understood leading to frustration and cries.

Infants from about 6 months can begin to learn the basic signs which cover objects and concepts as “milk,” “water,” “mommy,” “sleep,” “pacifier,” “more,” “hot,” “cold,” “play,” “bath,” and “apple" and many more.

Build a stronger connection with your child, cut tantrums by half and have the upper hand on the "Terrible Twos"!

*This online course does not require prerequisites.

*This course is a quick overview of most commonly used signs and on how BSL could improve your relationship with your baby or toddler.

*Please be aware that this is not an in-depth Baby Sign Language course. My course is meant to be a simple and easy introduction to BSL.

Who this course is for:

  • New Parents
  • Parents with toddlers
  • Pregnant women
  • Caregivers
  • Parents curious about a different way of communicating with their children

Course content

5 sections • 26 lectures • 54m total length