Band as Business, Musician as Entrepreneur

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Course Description

How do I earn money with music? Every musician asks themselves this question at some point. Few receive an answer in the form of a career in music.

This course gives you all the answers you need to succeed as a professional musician.

Musician as Entrepreneur: Band as Business features over 5.5 hours of insightful video interviews with 70 of the top music business minds. We won't bore you with lectures. We offer only practical, specific, real-world advice from the likes of Jimmy Iovine, Glen Ballard, Irv Gotti, Jerry Moss, Martin Atkins, Ray Parker Jr., Randy Newman, Don Passman, Dave Stewart, Wayne Kramer and Lawrence Lessig, to name just a few.

Alongside the video, in-depth PDF lesson guides are provided to steer you through the course. Each section covers a critical component of the music career, and you'll find a book's worth of material to pore through. We also list additional online resources from Artists House so you can dive deeply into your area of interest.

The purpose of this course is to help musicians make money by understanding that the music they write, record and perform creates business and legal rights that will help them create sustainable careers. It’s practical, it’s philosophical, and it’s determined to help you, the musician, and you the music entrepreneur, understand the legal foundations and business opportunities inherent in doing what you love.

  • How to think: Understand musicians, bands, and performing artists as businesses and the best practices available for their sustainability.
  • How to know: Understand excellence in respect of the production processes and the specific legal and business consequences of a musician’s creative work.
  • How to share: Understand the process and consequences of publishing, sharing, giving, licensing, distributing, selling, and marketing opportunities in respect of the creative work of the musician and the performing artist.
  • The way forward: Understand the processes for sustainability and continuity, the availability and role of online resources and outsourcing, and the importance of personal development and business growth.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and young musicians who want to understand how the music business works and where they fit into it
  • Anyone interested in a career in music
  • Any musician, amateur or professional, looking for ways of making more money making music
  • Professional musicians and bands who want to move to the next level
  • Music teachers on all educational levels
  • Parents of children considering a career in music

Course content

12 sections • 28 lectures • 6h 48m total length

  • Welcome
    1 page
  • Introduction

  • It Picks You
    2 pages
  • What it Takes

  • Why You Are a Business
    12 pages
  • Musician as Entrepreneur

  • Why Copyright Makes You a Business
    10 pages
  • Copyright - Part 1
  • Copyright - Part 2

  • Songs: The Center of the Universe
    7 pages
  • Songwriting

  • Publishing: Show Me the Money
    4 pages
  • Music Publishing - Part 1
  • Music Publishing - Part 2

  • Production: The Process and the People
    9 pages
  • Music Production - Part 1
  • Music Production - Part 2

  • Transferring Your Sound Recording Rights
    15 pages
  • Recording Contracts - Part 1
  • Recording Contracts - Part 2

  • Performance: Closing the Creative Loop
    7 pages
  • Performance and Touring

  • Sharing is Caring
    4 pages
  • Marketing
  • Digital Music Strategy (Bonus Guide)
    11 pages


Make Music, Make Meaning, Make Money
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John Snyder is the founder and president of the Artists House Foundation, a nonprofit music company dedicated to creating educational presentations in several areas, including instruction for instruments, master classes, careers in the arts, and legendary performers. In addition to his producing career, Snyder has held positions at the upper levels of many major recording companies. As the assistant to the president of CTI Records, Creed Taylor, Snyder oversaw legal and business affairs, publishing, manufacturing, distribution, and artists and repertoire operations. Under the tutelage of Herb Alpert, he served as director of Horizon Jazz Series for A&M Records. Snyder later served as director of jazz production for Atlantic Records, reporting to Ahmet Ertegun, where his responsibilities included production and packaging, promotion, publicity, and marketing. Thirty-two of the over 300 recordings produced by Snyder received Grammy nominations and five of them received Grammy awards. Snyder is currently a member of the New York Bar. As a former member of the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), he served on the Board of Governors, Education Committee, and Grammy in the Schools Committee. He has been with the Loyola University New Orleans College of Music faculty since 2004 and is currently Chair of the Department of Music Industry Studies and the Conrad N. Hilton Eminent Scholar at Loyola.

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