Barefoot Doctor's Anxiety Busting System

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Course Description

Anxiety is not compulsory, necessary or obligatory – it’s a process, but if it’s habitual, or panic attacks are becoming your default position, it’s time to address how you manifest anxiety in the mind - before you get to crisis point.

Barefoot Doctor’s revolutionary, sensational ABS – advanced breaking system for anxiety and panic attacks – is a simple yet profoundly efficacious 16 step protocol to implement whenever anxiety or panic attacks strike

Understand and make sense of your fear, so you can use it to your advantage

Tackle the toxic habit of anxiety, so you’re no longer pumping addictive, damaging cortisol (the fight/flight hormone) into your system

  • Intervene and adjust your inner mechanisms, so you're no longer at the mercy of anxiety
  • Feel more confident in facing your challenges, knowing that you can handle whatever happens
  • Get more from life, without fear, anxiety or panic attacks wasting your time, depleting your energy and holding you back.

Anxiety is not a disease

Anxiety merely describes a set of psycho-physical reactions you generate yourself. And you do so unconsciously, without cognition, and hence compulsively.

Barefoot Doctor’s Anxiety Busting System teaches you the mechanism and how and where to intervene, so you can take command – you learn a system so you can always

  • Relax your solar plexus
  • Release your breath
  • Remove the tension in your neck, forehead, forearms, thorax and pelvic region
  • Revisit the story lines you’re concocting
  • Release the contraction in your kidneys and adrenals, and
  • Counteract the cortisol rush

Anxiety is just a habit – you can break it

Your resistance to breaking the anxiety habit derives from what RD Laing describes as 'psychophobia', fear of your own mind, a condition he said was symptomatic of the modern world.

And if you're afraid of your mind, how can you sensibly interact with it? Perhaps the main driver for this fear of our own minds is a total misconception of what the mind is. People describe their minds as places where things happen, things they don't know about and can't control.

Minds are not places.

Minds are not things at all in the ontological sense.

Mind merely describes the unfathomably complex sequence of mental processes you're continually conducting on both an autonomic, subconscious level and consciously, even while asleep in your dreams.

The ancient Taoist sages knew all this thousands of years ago. They also knew how to intervene and adjust the inner mechanisms so you're no longer held in thrall to any undesirable mental state, and were particular good with managing anxiety and even turning the energy to advantage.

And though I'd be the last person to criticize or cast aspersions on the mainstream mental health industry, nor even the pharma companies, without whose help we'd be in an even more implausibly absurd state than we already are, at least in the short term, as someone whose life has been dedicated to passing on this Taoist heritage of ours, I would sincerely like to see this message with the truth about anxiety and all other mental states, spread as far and wide as possible.

Help end the endemic

Barefoot Doctor's Anxiety Busting System is based firmly in traditional Taoist practice and has evolved over time from working with hundreds of young people over the past couple of years, in all parts of the world, helping them out of extreme high-anxiety and panic attacks. So it's built for when, like those young people, you're feeling too stressed to concentrate much – no messing about and it works.

But obviously it's not just the 18-30 age group amongst whom high-anxiety and panic attacks are endemic – it's happening in all age groups and demographic strata.

And its time to address it. Not with all the usual superficial ignorance-based garbage doing the rounds with much fanfare, which may work for five minutes by distracting you, only to leave you grasping for the nearest Zanex before you can say Christopher Robbins.

But with this ancient time-honored system made fully contemporary and fully deployable for the postmodern person facing the huge stresses and challenges of the postmodern world.

You don’t need to train for years or have any special skills, you don’t even need to have studied the most excellent and thorough nine week in-depth intensive Psychology of Fear Training for the full background detail of the Taoist approach to anxiety.

he Anxiety Busting System comprises:

  • A practical 16 step system that’s easy and quick to learn – just a few minutes of your time each day
  • Short, follow-my-leader videos – watch and follow along on your mobile device or computer
  • Fully downloadable with lifetime access – so you can always have a refresher if you feel the need
  • The perfect gift to yourself, or anyone you know, young or not so young, facing challenging situations or relationships, exams, exam results, job interviews, dating, suffering social media overload or any other form of competition-based anxiety.
  • INCLUDES BONUS PRACTICAL POSITIVITY PROCESS - introduction and three-step video based mini-training to help you feel and be more positive.

The Anxiety Busting System

is the simple, efficacious 16 step, quick, practical process to use when anxiety strikes so you can intervene and manage your fear and prevent yourself succumbing to panic. Video based training + BONUS Practical Positivity Process mini-training video sequence.

INCLUDES BONUS Practical Positivity mini-training

Expected Outcomes

  1. Barefoot Doctor's Anxiety Busting System is a simple, efficacious 16 step, quick, practical process to use when anxiety strikes so you can intervene and manage your fear and prevent yourself succumbing to panic.