Barefoot Doctor's E.A.S.E. Training

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Course Description

The Ultimate Anti-Stress Device

Lost the ancient art of EASE?

Experiencing excess tension in your body and stress in your mind?

Feeling triggered by work, relationships, health or your financial situation?

Want to run away from it all?

Reclaim your pace & direction, regain control of your reactions & reduce your level of stress to minimum optimum levels with Barefoot Doctor’s revolutionary, sensational E.A.S.E. TRAINING – the failsafe, all-terrain, all-weather antidote to stress

It is actually possible to live a life of ease

Yes, even in the midst of the burgeoning insanity we call the world, even with the information load increasing exponentially, and even with every other stress-increasing factor proliferating by the second, it is possible to live a life of ease, while performing at optimal levels in all tasks and obligations, and acquitting yourself with increasing aplomb as a result.

Ease is the opposite of stress

Or more precisely of excess stress - if you had no stress at all, you’d be but a puddle on the floor and would find that far more stressful than mere adrenal fatigue so always honor the necessary quota stress.

The state of ease is what you see watching a superb martial artist, or musician, or public speaker – ease in action, whether the action comprises thought, word, deed or all.

And that’s why this training is called E.A.S.E – enjoy alleviating stress effectively – because rather than focus on dispelling a negative, it’s far more effective to focus on the positive outcome you want to result from dispelling the negative. It keeps your eye on the goal rather than on what’s already past and can’t be changed anyway.

Stress is neither an illness or disease

Contrary to the backward thinking of modern medicine stress is neither an illness or disease.

Stress is a sign you’re alive.

The force of existence is ferocious.

We each only exist because we resist that force, effectively enough to hold our shape for a brief moment in time.

When one phenomenon resists another, it places stress on each.

Eventually the stronger of the two will overcome the other – in this case the force of existence eventually overcomes us and we depart these shores once and for all.

This is the natural order of things.

We require tension for growth and progress

In mundane terms, we require tension in order to feel release. Without these dynamics life would be ineffably dull and no growth or progress would occur. But that’s hypothetical because, we will always feel that intrinsic tension from resisting in order to go on existing.

The modern problem of Stress (with an upper case S) arises from us losing the ancient art of ease, ironically by our collective rush to create and subsume the very technology that was meant to make life easier for us.

In many ways it does, but at the cost of ourselves.

Once you get yourself back however, and that’s ambiguous because the trick to reclaiming command of the vehicle lies in learning to operate it from the back of you rather than the front, you’re able to cognitively determine the degree of stress occurring at any time and be in full command of reducing it to minimum, optimum, levels in order not to turn to blancmange for having too little, or to burn yourself out with adrenal fatigue by having excess stress.

There are as many stress triggers as people & situations

• Feeling trapped and unable to speak your mind • Not being able to say no • Feeling trapped by debt or financial obligation • Feeling trapped or diminished by obligations to follow someone else’s routine or agenda • Feeling rushed, overloaded, saturated with information and details to be sorted • Feeling constantly on duty and electronically available • Feeling angry and resentful and unable to convey your displeasure for fear of reprisal or abandonment • Feeling silenced

… and then there’s the secondary but equal stress arising from the self-destruct patterns you adopt to mask or avoid the original stress.

There is a common thread, however, no matter the form of external trigger.

It all boils down to pace and direction

Stress results from not being in control of your own pace and direction

A healthy animal in the wild is so in charge of its own pace and direction it doesn’t even think about it.

Whenever we sacrifice either pace or direction or both, albeit in what started out as a good cause, we feel stress, because we’re pushing or pulling against our natural flow. And we’re going against our very real, visceral relationship with the universe around us, whence comes all our intuition to turn left or to turn right (without a smartphone or satnav to tell us which).

This is the Tao, and when we turn our back on that we’re instantly bereft of chi, the power of life.

• Stuck in a dead-end relationship, afraid to get out, your pace is hampered and your direction challenged. • Feeling financially hampered - that’s affecting both your pace and direction. • Feeling rushed - that’s pace, obviously. • Feeling overloaded and can’t cope - that’s pace.

Rather than being banal about it and giving you routines for cashflow-stress, or dead-end-stress, or overload-stress, or whatever, the training addresses the issue at the nub and teaches you to reclaim full command over your own pace and your own direction.

Once you have that back, you also have your back-back, and are finally fully in command of the vehicle and the levels of stress running through it at any given moment.

It teaches you all this, or rather I do, in a most enjoyable fun way, yet not at all frivolously because stress is a very serious problem, and it seriously doesn’t have to one.

You’ll learn:

  • how to differentiate between healthy stress on the one hand, and unnecessary excess stress on the other
  • how to take command of the vehicle (you)
  • how to make a variety of effective interventions to take command of your stress levels and bring them back into the healthy vector of the scale.

You’ll also receive:

  • a set of powerful, easy-and-fun-to-use techniques, ranging from physical move-it-and-shake-it-all-about forms, through self-applied manual stimulation of specific energy triggers
  • the reframe-reposition move in order to gain instant perspective on any situation however stress inducing.

The training comprises:

  • a practical system that’s easy and quick to learn – just a few minutes of your time each day
  • short, follow-my-leader videos – watch and follow along on your mobile device or computer
  • fully downloadable with lifetime access – so you can always have a refresher if you feel the need

You've nothing to lose - full 30 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Barefoot Doctor’s E.A.S.E. Training
The Ultimate Anti-Stress Device

Expected Outcomes

  1. Once you've completed the course you should have reclaimed your pace & direction, regained control of your reactions & reduced your level of stress to minimum optimum levels