Basic Qigong Movement and Meditation Course for Beginners

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Course Description

An effective, accessible and basic qigong and meditation course for beginners! In this Healing tao qigong and meditation course we will learn simple practices which you will be able to enjoy in your life. As a beginner you can follow this qigong and meditation course and become a practioner of taoist movement, breath, meditation and body oriented practices.

These wonderful self development practices which allow one to feel, generate and balance the life force energy in the body are important for our health and wellbeing. Life force energy, in chinese called chi, is what sustains all of life in the universe. Qigong is a practice developed in china which helps us cultivate and balance chi, or life force energy. By doing this every body system begins to function better, symptoms and diseases can disappear on their own. We gain more physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. We can feel more energy, less tired, more vital, joyful, happy and alive.

This qigong and meditation course is divided into 3 sections, a theoretical, instruction and practice section. We will look into the nature of life force energy and how it is used by the human body in the theory section. In theinstruction section we will learn how to activate, become more aware of and feel our life force energy, learn to refine it. We transform negative emotions into positive emotions and forms of stress into harmony and vitality. You learn to manage, center and ground energy in your body. We then continue with a practice section where Arie will guide you through simple, accessible and effective qigong and meditation exercises which can be practiced and repeated regulalry by anyone with any level of experience.

The course is structured in such a way that after having followed and practiced with the videos you will be able to practice a basic set of exercises which you can do at home. Practice and enjoy!

Qigong and Meditation practices in this course:

– Good standing structure

– Warm up rotations

– Warm up shake

– Spinal cord breathing

– Deep breathing

– Abdominal breathing / Fire breathing

– Locating and storing energy in the lower dan tien

– Various qigong movements

– Earth breathing

– Ocean breathing

– Inner smile meditation

– 6 Healing sounds meditation

Topics from Theory section:

– What is life force energy

– Different types of life force energy

– The lower dan tien

– Meridian Channels

– Factors contributing to loss of life force energy

– Health benefits of qigong and meditation practice

Health benefits of qigong and meditation practice:

– Reduces stress and balances the emotions

– Enhances deep relaxation

– Reduces negative emotions of fear, anxiety, impatience, anger, sadness, depression.

– Improves sleep

– Reduces blood preassure

– Activates the bone marrow, blood circulation, immune, respiratory and digestive system.

About Arie:

Arie is an interdisciplinary artist, body-oriented therapist and teacher of psycho-spiritual exercises. He is a Healing Tao instructor and Biodynamic Breathwork facilitator. His passion is to make these exercises accessible to the world in his own unique way! In his practice and workshops he uses his own music to make these psycho-spiritual exercises more effective and accessible. The music which is used in this course is composed by Arie to make the practices more accessible, effective for the practiotioner.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Taoist qigong movement, breath, meditation and body oriented practices to activate and manage the life force energy. This can help us to transform negative emotions into positive emotions, reduce stress. We feel more energy, less tired, happy and alive.