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Do you feel math is difficult? Then this course will suit you.


In this course you will mainly learn about multiplying out brackets and factoring of polynomials, and to understand these things, you will also learn about polynomials, the laws of exponents and so on.


— Almost All the Questions with Video Solutions

This course is not just a course but is your workbook with video solutions (and frogs!). That means almost all of the questions in this workbook are explained in the videos. That enables us to reduce the texts in the solutions so they are very picture-like. Because of this feature,  those who think “Oh! math looks very difficult!will easily understand what the solutions say.

— The Flow to Understand Each Content

You will learn about each content of this lecture as following.

  • Lecture:

  • Solution:

  • Quiz:

In Lecture part, you will get some knowledge needed to understand the content. Then, in the Solution part, you will watch the questions and their video solutions.

— Watching the Solution then Solve the Question

Usually you will firstly solve a question, and then you will watch the solution. However, in this Solution part, you don’t need to solve the question, and watch its solution before solving it. To be good at solving math questions, it’s important to firstly understand the points of the question, and then make them natural to you by solving it multiple times. So in this course, you will watch the solution of a question in Solution part, and then solve the question in Quiz part.

— About Solutions and Questions in this course

The solutions are in one file, and the file has bookmarks to each of the solution. It enables you to efficiently jump from one page to another page.

The file for the questions also has the bookmarks.

— Data Sheet

Moreover, you will get Data Sheet and fill in it throughout this lecture. This sheet will help you to find out the questions you need to try again.

*** Let’s study math with us, frogs! ***

Expected Outcomes

  1. Bases and Exponents
  2. Laws of Exponents
  3. Degree of Terms and Degree of Polynomials
  4. Distributive Law and Commutative Law of Multiplication
  5. Multiplying out Brackets
  6. Factoring Algebraic Expressions (Polynomials)