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If you’ve ever wanted to beat your competition in the search rankings, this course will teach you how. Page 1 rankings may be possible.

You might be discouraged to find that a other businesses are above yours in a local search. That can be fixed, and you can learn how to do it for yourself or for others and get paid well for doing so.

Having a high ranking in Local search means real dollars to any business. It’s a reflection on the business, like it or not. Customers will flock to the first few businesses they find in search results and put money in the pockets of those owners. You can gain the skills and insight needed to make easy changes that can keep your business, your friend’s business, or a business that pays you, high in local search.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn how to do your own local search engine optimization to consistantly beat your competition.
  2. Make easy Search Engine recognized tweaks that get your local business noticed
  3. Make money doing SEO for other local businesses