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Starts: Anytime

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-You will learn from the ground up!

-Basic Rolls

-Essential  Chords played in most tunes

– You will learn standard songs played at most jam sessions

-Learn left hand techniques including Slides and Hammer ons

-Put it all into practice by playing along with jam tracks

-2007 RockyGrass Banjo Champion

-2007 Telluride and RockyGrass band contest winner


– 5 String Banjo

-2 metal finger picks and a thumb pick

-Regular Practice

Why take this Course?

– Having a solid foundation and a good teacher are essential for success on any instrument. I have had the opportunity to play and Study with the best musicians in the world and it’s my passion to pass the things I have learned onto others. Bluegrass banjo is a great form of expression and a great Traditional Art form!

Who is this course for?

-Anyone wanting to learn 5 String Banjo

-All ages welcome

Expected Outcomes

  1. Basic Bluegrass Banjo