Beginner Tarot and mediumship - spiritual development

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Course Description

This is a beginner course in tarot that contains a full meditation to connect with your spirit guides and information on mediumship and tarot cards. We hope that this will help you to begin on your psychic development journey. Should you need any further information or course help please email [email protected]

Loraine Rees is a medium who has worked in this field for over 30 years, thus she is well respected and experienced. She is now guiding others to discover their psychic abilities and go on a journey of self discovery to find out more about themselves.

This course has a series of videos and slides and a short question section at the end. It is important that you use the meditation on your psychic development journey as this is key to connecting with your guides and to spirit.

Expected Outcomes

  1. A basic understanding of Tarot cards and how to use them.