Logistics of Warehouse Operations in Supply Chain Management

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Course Description

This is a beginner's course on Warehousing and Warehouse Management for one who wants to start their career at the Warehouse or at a Distribution center near you.

Distribution centers are opening up worldwide as the way the world shops has changed and more people are looking at online shopping and e-commerce is currently booming. Be a part of the next revolution of IOT and Robotics as it begins with the delivery from the warehouse and DIstribution Center near you.

The course will take you through the very basics of the logistics processes involved in warehouse process, introduce you to the components and equipment used in a warehouse such as Forklifts, Pallets, Conveyor Belts, Packaging and protective equipment etc.

You will also learn the Key Warehouse KPI's, How your performance matters and also basics in Logistics processes involved in shipping and Distribution.

Warehouse Management is key in increasing efficiency in the warehouse processes such as Picking, Packing, Storing, Shipping and Inventory Management to improve warehouse performance and overall warehousing Logistics

Expected Outcomes

  1. Warehousing concepts, Equipment and Processes
  2. Warehouse KPI and why they matter to employees?
  3. Warehouse and Distribution Center Automation, Robotics and working alongside Artificial Intelligence