Beginner's Guide for Spiritual Strength

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Course Description

The Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Strength is an introductory course where I will guide you in engaging and exploring the Elemental Forces of Creation. You will learn how to connect, work with and receive guidance from each of the elements.

The elements are Earth Physical Realm, Water Emotional Realm, Air Mental Realm, Fire Action Realm and Spirit the Spiritual Realm. Each element has an introductory video, written lecture, practical activity and reflection questions that will guide you to uncover habits and skills to make dramatic progress on your spiritual path. You will learn how to work effectively with each creation element for greater results.

I’ve also included three guided meditations to help you open up to the Elemental Forces for self discovery and spiritual strength. As the primary forces of nature they are guiding you constantly. The elements are powerful teachers of consciousness.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Directly connect with your essence using intention & guided meditations.
  2. Discover the way the elements flow through your life.
  3. Experience the subtle energy of the Elemental Forces of Creation with practical exercises.
  4. Receive life guidence from the core of creation through practice.