Phoenix Healing & Health Qigong by Master Joe Lok

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Course Description

It has helped my health so I want to share with others. It is my privilege to have Master Joe Lok's permission to teach and share with you these stances from Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing healing qigong. The exercises help circulate internal energy and promote holistic health for body and mind. Learn the first twelve moves of the Phoenix Qigong stances. Taught by someone living with Multiple Sclerosis to prove anyone can learn.

The demonstrations and lectures are both seated and standing. The filming is shot in nature, beautiful music accompanies the chance to practice together and common mistakes are discussed.

For an in-depth understanding I recommend visiting his website joelok and buy his book and DVD. He made me his in-door student in 2018 based on character, determination, patience and not just ability! It is my honour to have become the 2nd Generation inheritor of Natural Energy Daogong, 28th Generation of Wudang Sanfeng natural and 20th generation of Dragon Gate.

The learning is simple but the benefits last a lifetime

"Embracing energy from nature patching up the wear & tear of everyday life" Joe Lok

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn Twelve Powerful Qigong exercises that are taught both standing and seated
  2. I am 2nd generation of Natural Energy Daogong, The indoor student of Master Joe Lok the founder of Phoenix Qigong
  3. I personally have benefited so much from this practice. I live with Multiple Sclerosis and when something works, you want to share it
  4. Easy to learn movements to help relaxation, posture, co-ordination, balance and overall well being
  5. Movements to alleviate stress & fatigue, boost immune system and create a quiet mind and body