Beyond Professional Burnout: Find new purpose in your career

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Course Description

If you’re an accomplished professional in the mid point of your career, and you’re feeling burnt out by the work that used to energize you, you’ll benefit from this course. Additionally, if you’re seeking greater purpose and meaning in your work or in your life, this course will guide you into that next level of exploration.

Many of the concepts in this course are based on psychology, mythology, and empirical science. However, all of these are presented in terms that are clear and easily understood.

The course outline is as follows:

  1. I’ll provide a detailed profile of the “exhausted achiever”
  2. I’ll explain why the old approaches of self-motivation no longer work
  3. I’ll introduce the concept of your “original talent” and how reconnecting with it provides you with new energy.
  4. I’ll discuss the concept of The Hero’s Journey and the transformative power of your story.
  5. I conclude with a discussion of how to take your quest to the next level.

Most of the material in the course is video-based, along with suggested exercises for further self-exploration that you may complete on your own, plus a list of resources that support the course content.

The course consists of 22 lectures that take a total of 1 hour to view. If you choose to complete the highly recommended exercises as you go, factor in a few extra hours to a full day to the total time for completing the course.

Because this course is all about reconnecting with your inner sources of energy and supporting personal transformation, I believe you’ll find it inspiring. I’ll engage you in some thought-provoking activities and give you some practical tools to use on your journey. This course provides learning not just for your head but for your heart, as well.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is ideal for the successful mid-career professional who is experiencing burnout and curious to explore pursuit of a renewed purpose in work
  • This course is probably not suited for professionals who are satisfied with their current career trajectory

Course content

7 sections • 22 lectures • 49m total length