Bible: 7 Lessons From The Book Of Jude Plus The Why..

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Course Description

Target audience

If you are the kind of person who wants to learn the Word of GOD, uncover deeper levels of truth and grow in your faith and relationship with the LORD then this course is for you. If you are a person who knows that one of the keys to becoming mature is reading Books of the Bible (not just verses) then you should take this course


Why you should take this course

The course covers content you will not find in other Bible Study course because we major on the life lessons and new insights. Taking this course will give you an in-depth knowledge about the Book of Jude and how it fits with other books of the Bible. You will be actively engaging with life lessons you can immediately apply so that you can improve your walk with the LORD


What is the course about?

The course begins with a brief summary by answering the following questions::

  1. What is the epistle of Jude about
  2. When was the epistle of Jude written
  3. Who is the author of the epistle of Jude
  4. What is the purpose of the letter of Jude
  5. What are the unique features of the letter of Jude

After this brief introduction we then go into the major part of the course which is the life lessons. What the lessons do is to teach truths from key parts of the book and then apply them to our day to day living.


Materials included

I have included quizzes that will help reinforce the teachings in the course and there will be future updates to the content


The whole course should take no more than 2 hours


How the course is structured

The course starts with a summary of the book then the 7 Lessons which are split into 7 sections. Each section has an introduction then the Lesson and the section conclusion. When the lessons are completed we round up with the summary of the Book of Jude.


Important information before you enrol:

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  • You also have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
  • You will enjoy free access to any updates I will provide
  • You are free to ask any questions and will get a reply as soon as possible


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Expected Outcomes

  1. Uncover hidden truths from this book
  2. Transform your life by applying the lessons
  3. Push through your current limits about the Book of Jude
  4. Actively engage in GOD's plan through this book
  5. Live an uncompromising life by applying the lessons