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**** Are you looking for the Word of GOD to change your life and situation?

**** Do you want to master the letter to the Philippians? ****

**** Do you want to know GOD and His Word more? ****

Then you have come to the right place!


In this course you will learn why the Letter to the Philippians is one of the most famous books of the New Testament, its theological contribution and how you can apply its life transforming truths into your life.

Beginning with an introduction and history we will move on to explore 7 Key Lessons that you can immediately apply to your life and begin reaping the benefits.


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There are key benefits you will derive from the study of this book and I want to highlight a few

  • All poor self-esteem thoughts will be eradicated from your mind as you come to realise you are indeed a new creation

  • You will know who you are in CHRIST and that will boost your confidence with GOD and man

  • You will learn how to pray and get results

  • You will realize and effectively deploy with accuracy and knowledge the power given you over spiritual forces

  • You will come to place of an immense love, respect and awe for GOD through CHRIST JESUS


I trust you will also partake of what the SPIRIT of GOD wants to communicate to you as you embark upon this study. I assure you of a depth of truth like no other, knowledge of who you are in CHRIST and the understanding of what JESUS achieved for you on the cross.

Once you grasp the essence of the book to the Philippians other Bible books will become more open to you. The reason is that this letter details the work of CHRIST like no other one does.

In this study of the Letter to the Philippians you will learn profound truths about:

  • Effect of partnerships

  • The ability to rejoice

  • The love of CHRIST towards us

  • Prayer

  • Your position in CHRIST

  • Your new origin

  • GOD’s power in you

  • Living in this dark world

  • GOD’s love for you

I appeal to you to fully engage with the lectures so that you will be forever changed in JESUS NAME!

And so much more!

All those who have used the prayers from the letter to the Philippians have enjoyed life changing experiences and GOD is no respecter of persons!


Important information before you enrol:

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  • You also have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!

  • You will enjoy free access to any updates I will provide

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Gain useful insights from the book of Philippians
  2. Become more knowledgeable about the Bible
  3. Learn what can be applied to your life
  4. Learn fundamental truths about salvaton
  5. Transform your life through application of the truths learnt