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If you’re trying to grow your new or small business, but can’t afford to hire an “A-list” marketing agency, then this course is for you!

Why? Because it’ll show you which powerful words to use to grow your business. Your customers only make buying decisions after hearing or seeing words that compel them to buy. If you use the right words, you’ll make more sales. It’s that simple.

Sadly, most businesses have a difficult time explaining what they do in a clear, compelling way and it’s costing them thousands (even millions of dollars). 

So we created this simple 12-step blueprint that shows you how to clearly communicate your value in the marketplace so you will stand out, get noticed, and get more customers.

If you want ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising to spread like wildfire for your business, then this course is for you.

Welcome, let’s get started and grow your business today!

– Brian Fleming
Course Founder

Expected Outcomes

  1. You’ll walk away from this course knowing how to speak a language that sells.
  2. You’ll understand what your customers ACTUALLY want so you can sell it to them (and stop wasting your time & money on marketing that doesn’t work)!
  3. How to get more customers or clients in the next 30 days (or less) with a clear message
  4. Easily create powerful, ethical marketing messages that lead to more sales
  5. Clearly explain what your business does so more customers understand and buy from you right now
  6. Know how to communicate your value in such a way it gets noticed by more people.
  7. Stand out from your competition and grow your business with a clear, powerful message.
  8. Get more “word-of-mouth” referrals and dramatically increase your income.
  9. How to avoid the most common marketing mistakes that keep businesses stuck & struggling.