Boost Your Personal Creativity

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Course Description

Do you sometimes need to think up really creative ideas for your projects, your work, your hobbies or any other challenge? Do you find it a struggle to come up with imaginative new concepts? This course enables you to be truly creative and inventive.

Creative thinking is an essential skill which we can all develop. Creativity means finding new ways of solving problems and new ways of seeing the world. This isn't a special talent restricted to artists, musicians or writers; it is a useful skill for everyone and it can help in all walks of life. In a world where artificial intelligence and robotic processes will take over more routine tasks creativity is vital if you want to get ahead. You can use the techniques and tips in this course to help you approach challenges in new ways and to find better and even brilliant solutions. Creativity will make it easier to express your ideas effectively. This course will inspire you to start on your creative projects. It will help advance your career. It will give you a more varied and interesting life. It can even make you a more interesting person.

This course is ideal for students and for business people in sales, marketing, science or engineering. It is also valuable for anyone in the arts, media or communication. If you have an open mind and a willingness to learn you can use these powerful methods to develop your own personal creativity.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to become much more creative
  2. Techniques which enable you to come up with fresh and fascinating concepts
  3. The inspiration and confidence to undertake creative projects
  4. How to have a more varied, stimulating and interesting life
  5. How to overcome roadblocks that inhibit your inventiveness
  6. How to challenge conventional approaches
  7. How to harness random inputs to generate really innovative ideas at work, at home, in your hobbies and everywhere
  8. Brainstorm methods which deliver for individuals and groups
  9. 12 Highly effective methods to transform your creative thinking
  10. 6 Creativity Exercises to prove just how inventive you can be