Brain Washed: 7 Day Mental Detox

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Course Description

Each day for seven days you will make a mental shift that give you control and power over your thinking...

  • Day 1: Influenced to Impact - You receive millions of messages a day. Most of them make you worse off. One simple technique will help you from being influenced without your knowing and move you to only letting things of positive impact into your mind.
  • Day 2: Cluttered to Clear - You're thinking too much about the wrong things. Today you get the 5 thought filters to keep your head from getting cloudy and cluttered.
  • Day 3: Obsessed to De-Stressed - Do you get consumed with a thought or idea and can't let it go? It stresses you and makes you say and do things you normally wouldn't. Learn how to end the obsession and breathe again.
  • Day 4: Overwhelmed to Overjoyed - If your life feels heavy, let's make it light. Discover how to smile even in tough circumstances. Find out how you can keep your joy when the darkness surrounds you.
  • Day 5: Trapped to Mapped - It's easy to get trapped in the past or stuck in a rut of mediocrity. Today we'll create a map to get you moving in the right direction.
  • Day 6: Stumbling to Sprinting - Plan your week and your day effectively. Avoid the most common mistake of scheduling that make you fail fast.
  • Day 7: Reactive to Proactive - If you're reactive you're at the mercy of your emotions. Gain perspective and take positive action with today's lesson. Never let what others think about you bother you again.

Special Bonus
Quick Wash: Dam the Flood of Doubt & Fear
Does it seem like every time you have a vision for something (like writing a book or getting in shape), there's always that voice of doubt? It whispers things like, "Who are you to..." "What makes you so special?" "This has already been done." "You always fail and this time will be no different."

You know the voices well, right? What if you could silence them? What if you could put them to rest?Well, you can and this Quick Wash will show you why you hear those voices and how to quiet them. Move toward your goal with confidence instead of insecurity.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Gain confidence and focus in your life.
  2. Stop caring so much about what other people say or think about you.
  3. Discover how to start your days with a sprint rather than a stumble.
  4. Learn a simple way to end obsessive thinking that prevents you from focusing on the essentials in your life.
  5. The ultimate way to move from where you are to where you want to be.
  6. Abolish defeatist thinking like "who am I to do that?" "I'm nothing."