Breakthrough Barriers: The Success Mindset for Jobseekers

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Course Description

Understand & Overcome the Top 6 Mental Barriers

Finding a Job is hard enough without additional barriers getting in the way. Many of these are HIDDEN AWAY in plain sight but can have a HUGE IMPACT on your prospects if you are not conscious of them especially as they can account for as much as 90% of your behaviours and actions!

This course will not only help you identify your OWN BARRIERS & LIMITING BELIEFS but also introduce you to the tools and techniques that can help you manage these in order to PROGRESS more effectively towards your EMPLOYMENT GOALS.

Whether you are struggling to stay motivated in a seemingly impenetrable marketplace? Feeling overwhelmed with all the options available to you? or starting to question whether you have what it takes to get a job? THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!!

  • Gain Insight of Mental Barriers hindering your progress

  • Develop tools to better manage Mental Barriers whilst Job Searching

  • Feel more in control of your Employment Journey

  • Become more Confident in acquiring your Dream Job

Building Mental Resilience in a New World

Now more than ever emotions & PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCES are likely to come to the fore as we all try to adjust to significant changes in our lives in the context of Covid-19. Many are facing additional pressures with the prospect of redundancies or excessive competition in the marketplace. We all cope with CHALLENGES in different ways.....some constructively but many unfortunately are DESTRUCTIVE and move us further and FURTHER AWAY from addressing them successfully. Whether or not you are aware of your own strategies; the significance of collaborating the RIGHT MINDSET alongside practical endeavours such as exemplary Cv's and professional Interview answers may be the edge your looking for!!!

Course Content & Overview

Suitable for Active Jobseekers from any background or sector; this 30min course is packed with over 40 Lectures, 6 Activities & 5 Additional resources tailored to identity, understand and overcome psychological influences & barriers during your Employment Journey.

In this course we will start by considering what purpose these barriers serve and where they originate from. You will explore the TOP 6 Common Mental Barriers: Procrastination, Self-Doubt, Uncertainty, Overwhelm, Perfectionism, & Negative Outlook in detail and understand how they translate into Self-Serving Behaviours locking you into a negative cycle.

Furthermore you'll learn Practical Tools and Techniques to address specific barriers for yourself whilst creating a Personalised Plan to support & keep you on track as you progress towards your employment goals.

By the end of this course you will be able to better understand your own barriers, develop practical tools to manage or overcome them and feel more in control of your employment journey; leveraging your best self to get your Dream Job!!!

This course comes with a Full Money Back Guarantee, and if you're less that 100% satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Expected Outcomes

  2. Challenge your SELF-DOUBT
  3. Accept & Embrace UNCERTAINTY
  4. Take a break from OVERWHELM
  5. Stop chasing PERFECTIONISM
  6. Humour your NEGATIVE OUTLOOK