Budget Coaching: A Guide To Personal Finances

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Course Description

Are you a serious individual looking to change your financial situation? Having someone to guide you and periodically check on you greatly increases your probability of financial success. I am serious about my money and my life improved greatly when I got out of money bondage. This class will give you small assignments to complete each month for six months. If you follow my program, you can expect from this class to leave with a clear shift in the way you look at, think about, and handle your money. Together we will look at your spending habits and see how to make money work for you.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand your personal finances
  2. Build a strong financial foundation
  3. Know how to customize an Excel Budget Worksheet
  4. Make smart money decisions
  5. Free from money hold
  6. Have your own financial freedom
  7. Create a structure with your money
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