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Multiplayer Augmented Reality Games are becoming popular with the latest improvement in AR tech. We have now very stable ARCore and ARKit SDKs to build immersive AR experiences.  Also, with Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens,  AR experiences reach to another level.

So, a new gaming experience has arrived! It is Multiplayer AR Games.

There are already very successful Multiplayer Games out there such as Pokemon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Mini Guns – Omega Wars…

If you are a game developer, there can’t be a better time to develop and publish a Multiplayer AR Game to the stores…Because there are really a few games and the potential is huge!  That’s why I created this unique online course on Multiplayer Augmented Reality to help game developers publish their own Multiplayer AR Games.

In this course, you will learn the basics of Multiplayer Augmented Reality game development.

Once we completed the single-player mode, we will implement Multiplayer using Photon Unity Networking 2 package as the multiplayer engine.

For the Multiplayer side of the game, you will learn:

  • Connecting to Photon servers

  • Joining random rooms

  • Player Selection

  • Manual Player Spawning

  • Writing your own  Synchronization script to synch player movement.

  • Killing and respawning mechanism

Then, we will implement Augmented Reality into the multiplayer game we’ve built. We will use the top AR SDKs which are Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit.  And with Unity’s AR Foundation, we will develop only once and deploy the game to both Android and IOS devices. That will definitely save you some development time…

For the Augmented Reality side of the game, you will learn:

  • Implementing AR to a Unity Scene

  • Implementing ARCore/ ARKit to the Project with AR Foundation

  • Detecting Flat Surfaces and Visualizing AR Planes

  • Placing the Game Arena to Flat Surfaces

  • Scaling in Augmented Reality

  • Movement Synchronization in Augmented Reality

  • Support for Unity 2019.3!

Come and join me if you want to be part of this new, awesome Gaming platform which is Multiplayer Augmented Reality.

Let’s build together!


Expected Outcomes

  1. Multiplayer Game Development Basics
  2. Augmented Reality Game Development Basics
  3. Network Synchronization for Augmented Reality
  4. Unity Physics Basics
  5. Photon Unity Networking
  6. Effective Scene Loading
  7. Multiplayer Battle Basics
  8. Plane Detection in AR
  9. Scaling in AR