Build no-code Facebook Messenger food delivery chatbots

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Course Description

Would you like to know how to build advanced chatbots with extra unique functionalities? Then this course is for you. In this masterclass, you will learn how to set up a Facebook Messenger bot by combining the strength of Dialogflow, and the power of Integromat to Chatfuel or Manychat and extend your chatbot capabilities by connecting apps, web services and databases.

I'm Rémi and I have been a self-learning chatbot from 2017. I have developed several bots. The most recent one calls Jody and is able to analyze my users' pictures and extract data in real-time to value their car worth. Because I have no coding skills, I have been using Integromat for all my chatbot development and get a strong knowledge of how to add amazing functionalities and build my own backend to treat my users' data. Because Chatfuel and ManyChat have become leaders as chatbot building platforms for none coder people. Like me ;) I believe this course will be helpful for anyone who wants to develop chatbots which can really offer unique services. This course is focused on building food delivery features with a pro visual menu. Customers must be able to customize their orders as they wish and even customize the food by selecting ingredients. Then we need to manage all the delivery or picking orders part which will allow us to create the same user experience as an international food delivery service.

This is what you will learn:

Key rules - You'll learn all key rules which are essential to know and to apply if you want to launch a successful advanced food delivery chatbot.

Create a chatbot dashboard - You'll learn how to create a great chatbot dashboard with Airtable to let your chatbot pick data and to let it save data collected from users. Like food orders and payments.

Build a pro food menu - You'll probably sign up for this course because of this feature. Yes, you will learn how to create a dynamic and world-class visual menu order which will be much beyond what average restaurant chatbot builders use to offer.

Create a Shopping Cart menu - You will learn how to create a visual shopping cart menu to allow users to remove items or to go for checkout.

Add & Remove Items - You will learn how to add and remove items from the tap of a button or by handling the user input directly in the chat process by the NLP brain.

Validate & Save user location - You will learn how to validate, on the fly of the conversation, your users' location, and save the full correct address based on Google Maps data.

Click & Collect delivery method - what would be a food delivery chatbot if we don't cover the topic of delivery food. In this course, I work on 2 delivery methods. The first one is Click & Collect. Users will receive a receipt at the end of the process with an order number and a cooking preparation time duration. Like when you order at major fast-food places.

Home delivery method - In this second delivery method, I will be focus on calculating the distance and the time to deliver order to customers with the help of Google Maps API. In another part of this course, I will mention third delivery food-service integration.

Launch a Pizza builder - Allow your users to start from scratch, from the pizza crust and select to add or to remove ingredients as they wish. Which lets users design their own order from A to Z.

After completing this course you will be able to do the following things:

- Create professional chatbots by connecting advanced services like DialogFlow to Chatfuel or ManyChat

- Extend your chatbot functionalities with Integromat

- Connect different apps or external APIs

- Offer a high custom user experience by personalizing each of your chatbot replies according to your user data.

- Save your user data and validate them

- Automate your sales funnel or your lead generation

- Personalized your product images to each of your users from a custom dashboard

What are you waiting for? Enroll in this course today and launch an advanced food delivery chatbot that really engage users.

See you in the first video.


Expected Outcomes

  1. Build an advanced Facebook Messenger food delivery chatbot, using external services and apps.
  2. By the end of the course, you'll know how to build a visual food order builder.
  3. Let users add, remove or clear their order items as they wish.
  4. Create a dynamic dashboard to visualize your orders and manage your products.
  5. Increase your users engagment with a high-quality personalized chatbot experience.
  6. Know how to save and validate your users location.
  7. Have an idea how to use Paypal to get in-chat payment.
  8. Set different delivery methods like home delivery or click and collect.
  9. Share any user data to all your platforms and never miss any key data.