Build Your Ideal Reiki Business

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Course Description

Learn and implement the key elements to starting and growing your Reiki business.

Save yourself time and money by avoiding the common mistakes most Reiki Practitioners make when starting their professional Reiki practice.

This course will help you to choose the best:

  • Location

  • Session fee

  • Clients

  • Marketing streams

  • Methods of conducting sessions

  • Balance between your business and ideal life

Create your fulfilling Reiki business

This course was created to guide you so that you have a map on the amazing journey as a Reiki professional. Starting your own business can be daunting, and this course is here to help you ensure that the time and money you spend building your Reiki practice is done wisely and in a way that resonates with your values and dreams.

Content and Overview

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to start offering their Reiki sessions for a fee. You will be guided to choose a location that best meets your needs based on your personal and financial situation. You will explore the concept of money and charging for sessions and then choose the best session fee.

You will learn about scheduling clients and your options for how to do so. You will also learn about staying in contact with clients in between sessions and the importance of doing so while saving yourself time.

You will learn how to conduct client intakes that will help you and your clients be able to clearly measure their progress. You will explore how you would like to perform Reiki sessions and the common mistakes many practitioners make. You will also learn how to conclude a session that helps the client ensure that their health remains a priority after they leave.

You will learn about the various ways you can reach potential clients through an online presence including websites and social media as well as how you can let clients in your area know the services you offer.

You will explore teaching and how that could be a part of your Reiki business as well as access manuals, and certificates you can modify for use in your business.

You will create a balanced schedule to help you be productive and dedicate time to building your Reiki business while ensuring you have balance in your life for the cherished people and other things you love.

This course will also teach you how you can use Reiki to help balance your business in relationship to money, clients and your ideal life.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Describe what your ideal Reiki business will look like
  2. Choose the best location for your Reiki business based on your personal and financial goals
  3. Understand who your ideal client is and how you will attract them
  4. Release any blocks you have regarding money so that you can see the value of your work
  5. Explore the licensing, insurance and association requirements in your area
  6. Learn how you can best represent your Reiki practice in everyday life
  7. Learn how to complete an effective client intake
  8. Understand how your communication is crucial when performing an effective Reiki session
  9. Explore the best way for you to schedule your clients
  10. Learn how to create a relationship with your clients that extends beyond your sessions
  11. Decide how distance sessions could be a part of your Reiki business
  12. Explore teaching as a part of your Reiki practice
  13. Learn how to connect with your potential clients online and in-person
  14. Create a balanced schedule that will help you create your successful Reiki practice
  15. Modify templates for brochures, intake forms, manuals and certificates that you can use in your Reiki business