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Your team’s performance is your performance! Getting off to a good start is essential to team performance! 

When taking responsibility for a team a leader is faced with a basic challenge: forming a group of individuals into a unified and motivated team that can focus on performance and problem solving to improve business performance. Creating this unified effort, focused on measurable performance, and able to make decisions and take action in a timely manner is the challenge of every leader with a new team. This course is designed to present the essential skills and tasks that will achieve this goal. 

The instructor has been leading teams and training teams for the past forty five years in dozens of Fortune 500 companies, as well as his own company. He  has worked with Honda, Honeywell, Shell Oil, Corning, and dozens of other leading companies. He is the author of ten books on teamwork, leadership and lean management.

Expected Outcomes

  1. They will learn the essentials of forming a team and leading that team to high performance
  2. They will learn how to develop a team charter.
  3. They will develop a team scorecard to serve as the foundation of motivation.
  4. The student will initiate problem solving and continuous improvement.