Bullies At Work - A Guide For Survival

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Course Description

If you thought bullies are only on the schoolyard, think again! That boss who criticizes your every move despite your good performance is a bully. And the co-worker who works to humiliate you, to demean you in front of others is also a bully.

Bullies are people with serious character and personality flaws. The trouble is that they make everyone around them suffer the consequences of their behavior.

This course addresses the problem of the Bully at Work. It begins by giving you an understanding of common bullying behavior, and then addresses methods to prevent the problem from getting you seriously ill, or causing you to lose your job.

The Apple of Freedom will help you to survive the toxic effects of workplace bullying.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will learn tools to neutralize the bullies in their lives. They will learn to recognize the common behavior of bullies and how to protect themselves from the harmful effects of Workplace Bullying.