Business Basics for Professional Entrepreneurs

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Course Description

Business Basics

You spent years getting your professional education. Did you intend to be an employee or do you want to start your own businesses? To be successful, you want to know how to manage a business. In fact, many colleges are offering dual degrees. Google your profession and MBA - examples: MD/MBA, DDS/MBA, DVM/MBA.

I had an MBA before I became completed a doctor of chiropractic degree. I found that what I needed to know to be a successful professional entrepreneur was not taught in the MBA program and much of what was taught was unnecessary.

As a professional, time is money. Don't waste your time on courses designed to be long and impressive - your customers (whether you call them clients or patients - they are customers in business) don't care if you have an MBA. They want results. You just want the skills to be successful.

This course covers the basics - accounting, finance, credit scores, legal structures - in a manner that makes sense and is practical. Plus you can take the entire course in about an hour. If you implement what you learn, you could save thousands of dollars. That's what it cost me - plus 30 years in the field.

This course is not intended for people who are content to work for someone else. If you are happy with a paycheck, this isn't for you.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn how to set your income goals.
  2. What to focus on to achieve your income goals.
  3. Talk with accountants using common business vocabulary.
  4. Speak knowlegeably with bankers.
  5. Understand how a merely "good" credit score can cost you thousands of dollars a year.
  6. Choose the appropriate business structure for your state.
  7. Ask the right questions to save thousands in legal fees and potential liabilities.