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This calculus 1 derivatives course focuses on differentiating functions.  It explains how to find the derivatives of functions that you will typically encounter in your first semester calculus.  This course is for university students taking college calculus and high school students who are taking AP Calculus AB.

Here is a list of topics:

1.  Derivatives of Constants

2.  The Power Rule and Constant Multiple Rule

3.  Derivatives of Rational Functions

4.  Derivatives of Square Root and Radical Functions

5.  How to Differentiate Polynomial Functions Using The Sum and Difference Rule

6.  Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions – sin, cos, tan, sec, cot, csc

7.  Average Rate of Change vs Instantaneous Rate of Change

8.  Writing Equations of the Tangent Line

9.  Limit Definition of the Derivative Process

10.  Alternative Form of Limit Definition of Derivative 

11.  Derivatives of Exponential Functions

12.  Derivatives of Natural Log Functions – Ln x

13.  Differentiation of Logarithmic Functions

14.  The Product rule and Quotient Rule

15.  The Chain Rule – Plenty of Examples

16.  Implicit Differentiation

17.  Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

18.  Logarithmic Differentiation

19.  Free Response Video Quiz

Expected Outcomes

  1. This course will help you to master your ability to find the derivative of a function.