Canadian French Level 1

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Course Description

Canadian French Level 1

Headed to Canada on a business trip, a holiday, or simply intrigued about this interesting version of the French language? French Canadian Level 1 is the ideal place to start learning about Canadian French and why it’s different than French. The Canadian province of Québec has French as its official language, and most of the population speaks the Canadian, or ‘Québécois’ French as their first language. Although the origin of this language is France, some English influences have crept in over the years. Québec French is full of small differences and idioms that aren’t found in France. This Level 1 course aims to give you the knowledge of Quebec French necessary to hold conversations, recognise differences, and have a solid basis of vocabulary. Learning Canadian French and beginning to recognise the differences from French, is one of the clearest insights into the development of language and the interesting ways that languages branch off from one another and begin to differ.

You Will Learn:

  • How to introduce yourself and greet others in Canadian French
  • How to converse briefly in Canadian French, asking and answering short, common questions
  • A wide variety of Canadian French vocabulary
  • How to count to 20 and name the countries in Canadian French
  • How to ask questions about words and foods in Canadian French

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Learn about the interesting differences between French and Canadian French
  • Gain a conversational fluency in Canadian French, useful for business purposes, tourism, or even just curiosity and fun!
  • Gain the confidence to speak French in a new location, and awareness of the intriguing ins and outs of Canadian French
  • Learn French, or improve your existing French, while also focusing on a specific dialect and learning the colloquialisms used in Canadian French
  • Learn about why Canadian French and French have become so different over the years