Card Magic - The Complete Course for Beginners

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Course Description

Get ready to blow your friends minds!

Have you ever wanted to learn magic but got overwhelmed by the sheer mass of content available?

My course will arm you with the skills you need to be able to walk into ANY room and stun even the most cynical of sceptics!

Being good at card magic will make you the life and soul of any party or event.

This is why I created Card Magic - The Complete Course. I wanted people to be able to have everything in one place so they can learn at their own pace and learn Professional magic, no matter what ability level they are!

What's included?

This course is made up of over 40 easy to watch video lessons, shot in crystal clear HD with multiple camera angles shown, with views from the front (performance side) and over my shoulder, so you can see it from my perspective.

I teach each lesson slowly and methodically so you can follow along with your own deck of cards.

Also included is personal 1-1 email support from me. If you are struggling with anything, and I mean anything, I will do my best to help coach you through so that you master it!

What do I get?

4+ Hours of Content

40+ HD videos, with easy to follow instructions and multiple camera angles.

20+ Sleights and Moves.

11 hard-hitting Routines, from my tried and tested professional repertoire.

You Will Learn:

  • How to perform like a pro

  • How to practice correctly

  • How to deal with hecklers

  • How to use Misdirection

  • How to be more confident

I have also included Live performances of the tricks with breakdowns, showing exactly how to perform them perfectly.

Plus 2 Bonus tricks you can do anywhere, anytime, without playing cards!

As a final bonus, I've made a video explaining the EXACT trick I perform at a party or social event (people run off screaming... regularly!)

No more scrolling through pages of YouTube videos with weak explanations, bad camera angles and dismal lighting, I will take you from complete beginner to competent magician within weeks, not months. Even if you've never picked up a pack of cards before, you can learn everything in this course and excel with card magic!

The art of learning magic is both rewarding for the person learning it, but also the lucky people who get to see the magic performed. Magic has a way of bringing people together and instantly creating a connection – it defies language, age or background.

It is a skill which you will have on you always, a skill that allows you to meet new people with confidence and know that in a few moments they will be laughing and shouting “How did you do that?!”

You could say, that magic is the perfect ice breaker for any situation – be it in a bar, nightclub, business event or high school, it is guaranteed to make you someone that people want to know.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Over 12 Professional Level Routines
  2. 20+ Sleight of Hand Techniques
  3. Tricks Performed by David Blaine on TV
  4. The BEST Tricks for Parties
  5. How to be more Confident
  6. How to Perform like a Professional Magician
  7. How to use Misdirection to Fool Spectators
  8. How to perform a repertoire of Professional Magic
  9. How to Practice correctly
  10. How to Deal with Hecklers