Career Hacking Program: Make Your Career Work For You

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Course Description

This course focuses on building your confidence in your next career move and enables you identifying how that fits into your long term strategy. It equips you to sell yourself and outperform the competition.

An entire section of the course is dedicated on enhancing interview techniques, to help you make the change you are looking for.

The course enables you to identify your unique value and what you bring to an organization. But most importantly how you sell it and what problems you solve for your employer.

You will learn to best showcase your performance and focus on the opportunities for advancement.

If you want to be influential and incredibly happy at work, the ideas in this course will help you. The course it's designed, to make sure your talent has the skills, support and sparkle you need, to be between the best ones in your industry.

The actions suggested in this course, actions that you should be determined to take, combined with your commitment to grow, will enable you to stand out as someone who takes initiative and deserves more responsibility, a promotion, a salary raise.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals looking to get promoted or job hunt
  • Individuals interested in learning how to market themselves and improve their personal brand
  • Job seekers looking to standout in the interviewing process
  • Experienced professionals
  • Students looking to make the most of their educational investment and land their dream job right away

Course content

7 sections • 31 lectures • 2h 35m total length