Catch Up With The Best - Leadership Essentials

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Course Description

Learn the most important leadership principles and become a trust-centric leader for your team. This season contains 18 episodes with a total length of 3 1/2 hours. Full of practical, real and practicable tips discussed with a group of exceptional international leaders.

Invest in yourself today and see for yourself!

Who this course is for:

  • Executives, who have just assumed responsibility for personnel
  • Executives, who want to improve their skills continuously
  • Future leaders, who would like to grow into roles

Course content

18 sections • 18 lectures • 3h 18m total length


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As the founder and owner of the two companies Conufactur and Catch Up With The Best, Daniel combines a wide range of international expertise and professional experience.

After his career as a competitive athlete, he has already worked successfully with three global players (BMW, Deloitte & Amazon), in various industries and positions, on a total of three continents (EU, USA & Africa).

Daniel is a consultant, executive, business coach, digital native - and above all, a person stands for clarity at the top: Clear thinking promotes clear communication and produces clear actions.