Certificate Course in Inclusive Education

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Course Description

This course is designed to empower teachers with practical tools & knowledge to manage inclusive classrooms and also add self-value as an effective global educator. You will not find an equivalent or similar online course that is designed with deep thought and exceptional experience. Inclusive Education practice is being encouraged globally as well as in many domestic schools and in many boards like International Baccalaureate, Oxford, IGCSE, ICSE CBSE and other International Boards are adopting these norms. Global educational institutes also give preference to teachers with knowledge of Inclusive Education. Why should you be lacking ?

There are few online courses that prepares teachers with practical tools for Inclusive Classrooms. This online Certificate Course in Inclusive Education (CCIE) is designed to overcome this gap between limited capacity of existing institutions to conduct Inclusive Education Courses and the hugely under-served need for the same among the teacher community and educational institutions. The course equips the teacher with good knowledge plus basic practical skills and techniques to manage such an inclusive classroom apart from providing a good understanding of dealing with Children with Specific Learning Disability. The course is a combination of theory (videos plus pdf docs and ppts), Practice Tests (MCQs), quiz, application based question both of which are not mandatory. It is delivered using a combination of videos, ppt, and pdf documents and MCQs.

To obtain the Course Completion Certificate, taking the Practice Assimilation Tests and passing with 50% score is mandatory. To enhance your comprehension further it is also advisable to complete the quizs and application based questions even though these two are not mandatory. Further, for extended benefit, it is advisable to undergo a one week internship in a special education school, which we will facilitate for you on your specific request, free of cost or on a small fee basis depending on your location and choice of school. An additional endorsement will be made in the certificate on successful Internship.

This course also deals with contemporary development in teacher education and the need for reflective practices to develop self-identity, human relationships, assumptions, beliefs and attitudes in you as a teacher.

So join the course and prepare yourself ahead of others for the New Education Policy and enhance your prospects in the noble career as an educator.

For Teachers in Indian Schools. Inclusive Education as a concept was introduced in Indian Education System in year 2016 alongside promulgation of RPwD Act 2016. India's New Education Policy 2020 further mandates practicing Inclusive Education in classrooms. Para 6.14 of New Education Policy 2020 states "the awareness and knowledge of how to teach children with specific disabilities including learning disabilities will be an integral part of all teacher education program".

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to Practice Inclusive Education in a Classroom in IB, IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE and Intl Board schools.
  2. Behavior Management in Inclusive Classroom.
  3. Strategies for Teaching Children with Special Needs in Inclusive Class Room.
  4. Multiple Disabilities.
  5. Understanding Developmental Disorders and Learning Disabilities
  6. National and International Laws on Inclusive Education.
  7. Implications of Disabilities under RPwD Act 2016