Certified Hypnosis Diploma- accredited Hypnotherapy course

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Course Description

This Certified Hypnosis Diploma training brought to you by Matt Barnett will introduce you to the powerful skills that can be harnessed to bring the best out of anyone and enhance personal performance

Take this Certified Hypnosis training with internationally acclaimed, and the only ABH registered Hypnosis Trainer on here ..Hypnosis Trainer and Coach Matt Barnett.

  • Imagine the benefit our client's will get from your new found skills..

  • Imagine being able to take any client and assist them through engaging with their unconscious mind so that change is rapid and comfortable

  • Discover how to

  • Gain access to Matt Barnett's exclusive Face book group.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Hypnosis and trance work so that you can take a client into a trance state and effect massive change
  2. How to take control of your life and your results with hypnosis
  3. How the unconscious mind works so that you can harness its full power and achieve great results
  4. How to take yourself and teach others how to take themselves into a light trance state so that you can change habits and create successful ones