Certified SMART goals -Specialist Life Coach Certificate

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Course Description

Matt Barnett has been working as a coach since the 1990's and has helped thousands of people, coaches and trainers to learn the art of successful goal setting. Now you can add this Certification to you skill set with expert training from a leader in the field of personal development

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  • Discover why some people seem to hit every goal they set while others hardly ever do

  • Learn the most effective way to set goals so that you hit them every time

  • Discover how to work with clients to create compelling goals that result in success every time

  • Learn about the Unconscious Goal Getting machine within you so that you can achieve your goals on auto pilot 24 x 7

Expected Outcomes

  1. Add an additional revenue stream to your coaching business by helping others to set compelling goals
  2. Improve you professional status by adding an additional certification to your skillset
  3. You will learn how to control your unconscious mind so that you can easily hit their goals, help others to do the same.
  4. Discover the power of directed action so that you can effectively pursue any objective.
  5. Students will learn the CORRECT way to write you goals so that you can be sure of success
  6. Students will understand the difference between belief and knowledge and how this subtle shift can make a huge difference