Chakra Balancing with Sound Healing

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Course Description

This course has been designed to help participants understand how their chakra energy system works and how by using sound healing, they can achieve balancing and rejuvenation. Sound healing is an expansive but non-invasive method of healing. The subtle sound frequencies can permeate our energetic body to help it come to alignment much more effectively than many other healing modalities.

In specific this course introduces vocal sound healing - more specifically, I use the vibrations from the tones and rhythms that are channeled from my voice to help bring healing and alignment.

In this 1.5 hour course, participants will experience clearer understand of their chakra system and why it is important to restore balance in this area. Most importantly, participants will be experience 7 sound healing sessions that will clear their energetic field, activate their chakras and energise their energy body. The result? Heightened clarity, rejuvenation and greater inner peace!

My technique is safe and simple. Participants will be guided through a series of instructions to bring healthy alignment to your chakras (energy centres in your body). Remember, our sound healing is channeled from our natural voice, it is ‘Expansive but Non-Invasive’ to our body, mind and soul.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand how their energy centres, also known as chakras, influence their body mind and soul.
  2. Introduced to different methods of activating and balancing their chakras for greater clarity, better health and more balanced emotion.
  3. Introduce to different sound healing methods and how they work to rejuvenate your energetic self
  4. Learn to be mindful of the imbalances in their chakras and how they have been affecting their personal growth.
  5. Identify any imbalances in their energy centres that have been impeding your success.
  6. Experience 7 different sound healing sessions that will bring balance to their 7 chakras.
  7. Clear energetic blocks and bring healing to their body, mind and soul and as a result, allowing them to tap into their true potential.
  8. Achieve greater clarity and drive for greater success and improvement in all areas of your life.
  9. Be ready to discover your core, brilliant self that is not inhibited by energetic blocks or distortions.
  10. Receive downloadable reading materials and questionnaires that can participants can use at their own pace.