Change be Yourself

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Course Description

About the course

Are you overwhelmed with Self-help content?

Do you feel lost in a million suggestions?

Are you confused about where to begin?


If yes, you have arrived at just the right place!

Here you will find a carefully stitched summary of the latest and greatest science of personal change drawing from the most relevant concepts of neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum model of reality and psychology.

Additionally, you will get actionable advice on connecting who you really are, and a step by step approach to reinventing yourself that is in alignment with your true and authentic nature.

Course Structure

This course is divided into Four sections:

Section 1: Change in the context of Mind, Body, and Environment

This section will help you discover “What is it inside you that compels you to change” and digs further into how this inner desire for change plays out for you in your outer environment.

Section 2: Hardwiring Brain and Body

This section will help you discover how you hardwire your brain to produce the same thoughts and condition your body to produce the same emotions almost on an everyday basis.

Section 3: Change your Beliefs - Change your Reality

In this section, you will learn how your beliefs create your reality. Further, this section enables you to identify the beliefs that are holding you back and provides a step by step approach to changing your old beliefs and adopting the new ones that support your desired future state.

Section 4: Humans: The Ultimate Adaptation Machines

This section talks about the latest science which proves that humans are ultimate adaptation machines - both from a neurological (i.e. brain) and biological (i.e. body) standpoint. Additionally, it touches upon how the Quantum Model of Reality opens the door for endless possibilities in your life.

Finally, we would love to have this material available to you at all the times, in a format that makes it most consumable for you. Hence, we are including an ebook and audiobook complimentary for the students of this course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Why you think the way you think?
  2. Why you feel the way you feel?
  3. How you determine your choices?
  4. What it means to go on autopilot?
  5. What does living authentically mean?
  6. How to reinvent yourself and live meaningfully?