Chemistry of Biomolecules

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Course Description

Certain characteristics in a living organism such as growth, reproduction, ability to sense, respond, etc distinguish the organism from a non-living thing. It has always been mysterious that despite being made up of non-living molecules, how a living organism performs all the above functions which characterize life. In this chapter, we shall try to unravel this mystery with the study of biomolecules.

Biomolecules are the molecules present in a living organism, fundamental building blocks of living organisms as they support the biological processes essential for life. Eg carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, vitamins, etc. Carbohydrates are involved in energy storage; the hormones catalyze the biochemical reactions; DNA/RNA store/transmit the genetic codes of a living being.

The inadequate concentration of these biomolecules shall lead to various kinds of health ailments. Therefore, the presence of biomolecules in appropriate concentrations is vital for the proper function of living beings.

In this Chapter we will be studying the chemistry of carbohydrates.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Chemistry of Carbohydrates