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Do you think endgames are boring?

Are you struggling to convert material advantages?

Are you not sure when a endgame is won or lost?

Do you have trouble applying endgames principles in your own games?

Then this course is right for you! In this bootcamp I will teach you everything to give you the keys of unlocking endgames. In this course you will learn different ways of looking at an endgame position and different heuristics to find the right move. You will learn:

  • Exact versus Inexact endgames

  • Pawn endgames

  • Rook endgames

  • Minor piece endgames

  • Major piece endgames

  • 50 important exact endgames

  • Endgame principles

  • Strategies how to approach endgames in your own games

  • Beauty of endgame studies

  • 50 endgame studies

  • Endgame drills

  • How to train the endgame on your own

This course is designed for players between 1000 and 1600, who want to improve their endgame decision making behind the board. This course covers all endgame aspects, so you feel the endgame is not only something to be NOT scared of, but actually often very interesting. It is my personal belief the endgame is the place where you can swiftly increase the odds in your favor, if you dedicate some time to study it. Many people think the endgame is boring, maybe because it feels difficult or it takes many moves to win in a game. I will try to show you how to approach endgames in training and in real games. My goal is not only to learn you about endgames, but actually show you the beauty and joy of endgames, and how they differ from other phases of the game.

This course features:
Video’s Different concepts explained with tons of examples
Drills To practice and perfect your play of exact endgames
Exercises To test your endgame knowledge

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Expected Outcomes

  1. 50 Exact endgames: endgames with a forced way to win or draw
  2. 50 Endgame studies
  3. 10 Drills to improve your endgame skills
  4. How to approach endgames mentally
  5. Enough endgame knowledge till 2000 ELO
  6. How to play inexact endgames: endgames with no forced win